Main Rooms

The Grande Salle

The beautifully decorated 100m2 Grande Salle (or Salle des Etats) is the main hall of the chateau, dating from the 14th century. The Parliament of Quercy met three times here during the Hundred Years War and it was from here that the barons of Quercy planned the successful siege of the English garrison at Saint Circ Lapopie.

The present appearance and furnishings of the Grande Salle are largely due to Maurice Fenaille, the owner of the chateau from 1911 until 1937 – see “History”.

The hall can seat up to 120 (160 including the gallery) for concerts, seminars and presentations, and up to 80 can be comfortably seated at 10 tables for a banquet.

The Salon

The Salon or “Salle des Notables” is the main reception room of the chateau. A large family room, it is equipped with satellite TV, DVD player and stereo system as well as a baby grand piano. A french window gives access to the garden terrace. The salon  normally seats up to 17 but can seat up to 40 in comfort should the need arise. In spring and autumn a log fire and dimmable lighting add to the romantic appeal of the room.

The Dining Room

The dining room (La Salle Voutee) is the only room in the chateau that retains its original vaulted ceiling. It provides seating for up to 16.